Models Available

Anderson Financial Services, LLC (AFS) provides several different Excel based standard financial models (Standard Models). Each Standard Model has been crafted for a specific type of company structure and related operation.

For example, the "Startup - Inventory" Standard Model projects inventory costs and quantities for a startup manufacturing company. However, projected inventory is not included in the "Startup - Services" Standard Model since service businesses typically do not maintain product inventory. Alternatively, the "Startup - Services" Standard Model uses billing hours and overhead rates to project a firm's operating profits versus unit projections used in the "Startup - Inventory" model. 

Each Standard Model includes:

  • Projection tabs in Excel for the income statement (IS), balance sheet (BS), statement of cash flows (CF), plus all underlying schedules, 
  • Statements and schedules are linked together to dynamically reflect all interactions between each of the 3 financial statements while completing your projection, and
  • Quarterly and annual roll up periods.

We encourage you to make modifications to the Standard Model.  By modifying an existing AFS Standard Model, you directly benefit from the extensive modeling experience of the AFS staff while substantially reducing the time and expense needed to develop a new model from scratch.  To help your modifications, each AFS Standard Model uses an open architecture and has over 1,400 lines of model documentation.  This documentation ensures that modifications can be implemented easily and without the "undocumented surprises" which can crop up when modifying an existing model.

If needed, AFS staff is available at competitve rates to help apply any Standard Model, with or without modifications, to meet your projection requirement.

For more information about each AFS Standard Model, register and sign into this site then click the Products tab.