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Extension Contracts


  • All Models include access to Support Content for 60 days.
  • When the initial access period is finished, purchase an Extended Contract to continue access.
  • Extended Contracts provide access to Support Content for the selected period.
  • Support Content includes:
    • Extensive insights for users building financial models
    • Detailed FAQs about the AFS Financial Model
  • Re-billing of your Extended Contract will automatically occur at the end of the period purchased.
  • You must manually cancel your Extend Contract to discontinue automatic re-billing.
  • To proceed, select the Extended Contact below for the period you prefer...either monthly or annually.
  • All prices are in USD.




Extension Contact - 1 Month.  Provides access to Support Content.

  • Cost:  $19.99 / month - Recurring until cancelled


Extension Contact - 1 Year.  Provides access to Support Content.

  • Cost:  $199.00 / year - Recurring until cancelled
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