Product Detail - C50000

C50000 On-Line Training Course for Model M500xx

  • On-line training for AFS Financial Model numbers:

M50001, M500011, M50021, and

M50002, M50012, M50022



  • Introduction to financial modeling using an AFS Financial Model
  • Financial Models covered:
    • M50001, M50011, M50021
    • M50002, M50012, M50022
  • Topics:
    • Introduction to 3 statement reporting, including:

Income Statement
Balance Sheet
Statement of Cash Flows

    • Overview of model architecture and supporting schedules
    • Model driver: Revenue
    • Model driver: Cost of Sales
    • Model driver: Salary and other overhead expenses
    • Cash Management
    • Net working capital, including:

Accounts Receivable
Accounts Payable

    • Equity funding
    • How to determine funding requirements
    • Investor returns

AFS Financial Model M50001, M50011, M50021, M50002 M50012 or M50022 must be purchased prior to buying this course.

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